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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is data recovery ?
    The act, process, duration, of recovering inaccessible data from a storage media format caused by a vast array of data loss factors such as virus attacks, data corruption, physical malfunctions, human error and more.
  • When can data recovery services help ?
    1. Bios is not detecting your hard drive
    2. Operating system not booting up or is booting up intermittently
    3. Mysteriously missing folders, files or directories
    4. User accidentally deleted files – user error
    5. Hard drive omits clicking or grinding noises
    6. Hard drive not spinning
    7. Power surges/natural disasters
    8. Data corruption
    9. Files and folders cannot be open
    10. All this and more…
  • How can you protect yourself from future data loss ?
    1. Carry out regular checks on your backups and confirm the data has truly been backed up.
    2. Keep your computer(s) in a clean area.
    3. Utilize Anti-Virus software and update it religiously.
  • How do we charge for data recovery ?
    Once you contact RamInfotech, we may only provide the customer with an estimated price range since we will need the media in-house to give it a proper assessment and to determine the state and/or condition of the media be it a partition recovery, reformatting recovery, hard disk data recovery, virus recovery, etc. Once assessed, we will contact you with a detailed report as well as an accurate price quote. The quoted price range is just an estimated range you can expect per the specifications you provide. Our pricing structure is determined by 3 main factors:

    1. Type Of Media Problem: ( e.g . Logical Or Physical )
    2. Capacity Of Media : ( e.g. 40gb, 250gb, 500gb, 1tb, 2TB and etc )
    3. Type Of Media Configuration : ( e.g used isolated , used in network storage, used in server and etc .) Once you contact RamInfotech, you will initially be given a quoted price range. In order to obtain an accurate price quote, we will need your drive in-house to give it a proper assessment and to figure out to what extent your drive/media is damaged/corrupted. Once assessed, we will contact you with a detailed report as well as an accurate price quote.
  • How long does the data recovery evaluation take ?
    Once the Storage media is received in-house, it will go through our initial engineer diagnostic process to determine whether the drive is physically or logically damaged. Once determined, this will signal the engineer to direct the drive to either a clean room laboratory or to our logical specialists division. This will also determine whether the drive will require special parts. Once the drive has gone through the proper channels for diagnosis, a full report is then produced as well as a price quote with detailed breakdowns with price and time frames included. If the evaluation exceeds the average 24-48 hour evaluation time-frame, a representative will contact you with a full update regarding your data recovery status.
  • Can I recover my data if I reformat my hard drive ?
    Yes. In most cases we have fully recovered data from drives which have been reformatted as well as had an Operating System re-installed.

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