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Transcend Data Recovery

Transcend is a storage device manufacturer brand headquartered in Taiwan. It has more than 2000 products that include memory modules, solid-state drives, flash drives, USBs, memory cards/SD cards, external hard drives, and industrial-grade products to serve the purpose of data storage and every possible memory-related requirement. Among all the products, external hard drives are its one of the most significant data storage device that comes in different storage space and can store a large amount of data easily and conveniently. They are exceedingly useful to individuals, businesses, enterprises, etc. They are categorized as External Storage and sub-categorized as Portable Storage for PC, Portable Storage for Mac, and Desktop Storage. However, what is common among them is data loss. These hard drives can suffer from data loss situations anytime and anywhere, and it can be due to several reasons.

Data Loss Scenarios in Transcend

  •    Attack by malicious codes such as the virus, malware, ransomware, etc.
  •    Logical or physical damage in hard drives
  •    Dropping of the hard drives
  •    Crashing of hard drives
  •    Improper ejection of the hard drives from USB ports
  •    Shift Deleted files and folders
  •    Damage due to water spill, fire, etc.
  •    Natural calamities (a rare occurrence)
  •    Improper or sudden system shutdown
  •    Deletion or damage of hard drives structures
  •    Accidental file deletion or format during data transfer or any other task
  •    Loss or corrupt critical File System Structures
  •    Sudden system shutdown
  •    Lost or damaged Partition Structures
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