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Fantom Data Recovery

When data stored on your Fantom Drives device goes missing, contact Ram Infotech Data Recovery. We have become the most trusted Fantom data recovery service providers because of our quick, efficient, and safe data recovery services. Our services are available for all products of Fantom Drives, including Fantom Drives GFORCE SSDs, GreenDrives™, Diamond external hard drives, and all other products. Our team is capable of recovering data from all models of MicroNet and Fantom Drives. We can even get back your data from Fantom Drives encrypted SSDs and HDDs... We have the tools and knowledge needed to decrypt devices and recover your data. With years of experience in the data recovery industry, we have developed our own in-house proprietary hardware and software specifically to recover data from all makes and models of hard drives.

Fantom Drives products we work with include, but are not limited to:

  •    GFORCE 3.1 SSD Series
  •    GreenDrive™ External Hard Drives
  •    Diamond™ External Hard Drives
  •    MegaDisk™ Hard Drives
  •    DataBank™ USB Flash Drives
  •    DataDock™ RAID
  •    Fantom Drives DUO Mobile 2 Bay RAID
  •    Fantom Drives eXtreme Thunderbolt 3 NVMe Portable SSD
  •    Fantom Drives G-Force 3 Professional 7200 RPM External HDD
  •    G-Force Quad Pro 7200 RPM External HDD
  •    DataShield Encrypted Portable External SSD
  •    DataShield AES Encrypted External Hard Drive
  •    Fantom Drives DVR Expander
  •    Fantom Drives DUO Mobile 2 Bay RAID
  •    Fantom Drives G-Force 3 Mini External Hard Drive
  •    Fantom Drives Robusk Mini Portable Hard Drive
  •    Fantom Drives RAIDBank5
  •    Fantom Ram Infotech RAID Hard Drive Array
  •    MaxNAS
Common Fantom Drives Data Loss Problems

Fantom Drives SSDs and other data storage products are reliable but you may lose your valuable data due to various factors. Data loss on Fantom Drives SSDs can occur due to physical damage to the flash chips or electronic component failure. Users may also suffer data loss due to controller chip failure, voltage fluctuation, flash cell degradation, PCB damage, or corruption after firmware updates.

No matter what brand and model of your device is, we’re confident to get your data back. Our data recovery specialists have experience with every flash media format. Moreover, we are equipped and qualified to treat all types of failure including broken USB connectors, bad sectors, fire or water damage, accidental deletion, virus infection, and much more. Whether you’re using external HDD or an internal one, we know the best tricks to work with all types of media. Even if your drive is inside a laptop, desktop, or RAID, we know which data recovery method will best suit your specific data loss case.

About Fantom Drives

Fantom Drives is a brand by MicroNet Technology. Both MicroNet Technology and Fantom Drives are renowned for offering high-quality, safe, and reliable data storage solutions for computer users. MicroNet Technology / Fantom Drives, Torrance, California-based company, offers a full range of Computer & Electronic Products. Fantom Drives provides reliable data storage solutions that include affordable G-Force drives, as well as high-performance RAID and NAS solutions. The company also offers DataBank USB flash drives that allow users to quickly access their data and transport their important documents on-the-go. Fantom Drives produces External Hard Drives from 500GB to as high as 4TB on single drive storage. Their 2-bay portable and 16-bay Rackmount RAID arrays are also widely used by businesses, as well as individuals.

For more than 20 years, California-based MicroNet Technology / Fantom Drives is manufacturing hard drives, USB flash drives, as well as Power Adapters, Netbook Mate docking station, Drive Modules, PCI cards, eSATA cable, and more products. All these products such as G-Force, GreenDrive External Hard Drives, RAIDBank5, Ram Infotech RAID Disk Arrays, and MaxNAS are widely used. However, despite the reliability and decent performance, all these products are at the risk of data loss. Recovering data from Fantom Drives data storage device needs technical expertise. For this reason, you need to seek the assistance of a data recovery professional to get back your lost data from any Fantom Drives products. Experts at Ram Infotech Data Recovery are proficient in recovering lost data from all Fantom Drives products.

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