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Gigastone Data Recovery

If your Gigastone memory card has got corrupted or Gigastone flash drive has broken, we are here to help! Ram Infotech Data Recovery provides fast and efficient Gigastone data recovery services for all Gigastone products. If you’re using a memory card or flash drive, you may encounter a sudden data loss. SD cards and USB drives often go bad without giving any prior warning. And this unexpected media failure lead to data loss nuisance ... As an experienced data recovery company, we can restore lost/ inaccessible/ corrupted data from Gigastone memory cards, as well as flash drives. We utilize the finest tools and latest techniques to retrieve lost data from all Gigastone storage devices.

Products we work with include, but are not limited to:

  •    Gigastone SD Card UHS-I U1 Class 10
  •    Gigastone Micro SD Card 4K Game Turbo
  •    Gigastone Micro SD Card Prime Plus
  •    Gigastone Micro SD Card Turbo IOPS
  •    Gigastone Micro SD Card Full HD Video
  •    Gigastone Micro SD Card Ultra Plus
  •    Gigastone Micro SD Card Prime
  •    Gigastone U207S Flash Drive
  •    Gigastone U309 Flash Drive Metal Prime Series
  •    Gigastone UD-3201 USB 3.0 Retractable Flash Drive
  •    Gigastone Micro SDXC UHS-I A1 U3 Class 10
  •    Gigastone iPhone Flash Drive
  •    UC-5400 OTG Type-C Flash Drive
Common Gigastone Problems

When it comes to storing personal or professional data, memory cards and flash drives are the most convenient options. But all types of storage media comes with a problem of data loss. Your Gigastone memory card or flash drive may fail, leaving you without your valuable data. And when this happens, Ram Infotech Data Recovery will come to rescue your data. SD and MicroSD cards get damaged due to power surge, improper ejection, or interference during file transfer. It is also possible to suffer data loss due to water damage or malware infection. The cause of data loss can be physical damage or logical error.

Whether your Gigastone SD card is not recognized or you have accidentally deleted or formatted your card, our team can restore your data. However, make sure to avoid overwriting your files with new data. You need to stop using your memory card as soon as you notice any signs of data loss. Also, don’t get tempted to use free data recovery software because that may overwrite data or contribute to corruption issues, leading to permanently damaging your files. Contact us for safe, efficient, quick data recovery. Our memory card and flash drive data recovery specialists will first diagnose the cause of data loss to provide you an accurate quote. If you accept the quote, we will proceed with the data recovery process. Our data recovery lab is equipped with the most advanced tools to safely retrieve your files.

About Gigastone Corporation

Gigastone Corporation, a Taiwan-based company, specializes in producing high-end mobile peripherals. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, the company develops and manufactures mobile phone peripheral products, control integrated circuits (ICs), and memory modules. Founded in 2010, this consumer electronics company also offers reliable data storage products. The company is continuing to grow and already has ten major offices around the globe- USA, Toronto, Sau Paulo, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, France, and China, with distributors in Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

Gigastone memory cards, including SD cards and micro SD, as well as USB flash drives are widely used for storing data. In addition to this, Gigastone also provides card readers, wireless storage portable chargers, wireless routers, wireless headsets, and mobile power packs. As a dependable Mobile Accessory Brand, Gigastone offers good memory and storage solutions. However, all types of memory cards and USB drives are susceptible to damage and data loss. SD and MicroSD cards are offered by various brands but no company can guarantee protection against data loss. So, if your Gigastone memory card or USB drive has failed, you need to seek the assistance of a data recovery service provider. At Ram Infotech Data Recovery, we can bring back your lost data from all Gigastone products.

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