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LaCie Data Recovery

Have you lost data stored on LaCie SSD or hard drive? If you’re looking to recover data from any LaCie storage device, then your search ends here! Ram Infotech Data Recovery is the one-stop solution for all your LaCie data recovery needs. Whether you’ve accidentally deleted files or your LaCie external hard disk has become corrupted due to abrupt ejection, we can handle all possible causes of data loss. LaCie storage devices are widely used because these products provide excellent storage space along with great durability... However, like all data storage devices, the LaCie products are also prone to data loss. We can recover lost/ inaccessible data from all damaged/corrupted LaCie products. Whether you’ve lost data from LaCie Portable SSD, LaCie Rugged USB-C external drive, or any other device, we have the skills to retrieve all your lost files.

LaCie products we work with include, but are not limited to:

  •    LaCie Rugged SSD
  •    LaCie Rugged SSD Pro
  •    LaCie Rugged RAID Shuttle
  •    LaCie Rugged SECURE
  •    LaCie Rugged Mini
  •    LaCie Thunderbolt USB-C
  •    LaCie DJI Copilot
  •    LaCie d2 Thunderbolt 3
  •    LaCie d2 Professional
  •    LaCie 1big Dock
  •    LaCie 2big RAID
  •    LaCie 2big Dock Thunderbolt™ 3
  •    LaCie 5big Thunderbolt™ 2
  •    LaCie 6big Thunderbolt 3
  •    LaCie Mobile SSD
  •    LaCie Portable SSD
  •    LaCie 1big Dock SSD Pro
  •    LaCie USB 3.0 Drive
  •    LaCie Ethernet Disk
  •    LaCie Brick Desktop Hard Drive
  •    LaCie Rikiki
  •    LaCie Petit Hard Disk
  •    LaCie Little Disk & Little Big Disk Quadra
  •    LaCie Skwarim
  •    3 Thunderbolt™ 2
  •    12big Thunderbolt™ 3
Common Lacie External Hard Drive Problems

LaCie products typically indicate serious errors. The 12big Rack Network uses audible alarms and lights to alert users. If the device displays a constant light with a slow beeping sound, one or more drives have failed or cannot be read. Beeping sounds are also used by LaCie RAID devices and home drives to indicate drive failure. You can hear both soft clicking (which can be normal so long as it’s still functioning), and hard clicking. If the device isn’t working, soft clicking could indicate that the drive is corrupted, or has a failure in the external power supply or power cable. Hard clicking is metal-on-metal and is typically accompanied by an alarm. This is usually a physical failure and caused by trauma to the drive. LaCie rugged drives can also be prone to overheating (under heavy use) which will damage the PCB.

If you hear, see, or believe your hard drive may be experiencing one of these problems or any other, do not power up the device. Discontinue the use of the drive immediately as this may cause more damage and further loss of data.

About LaCie

LaCie began its life as two storage companies in 1989; as Electronique d2 in Paris, France, and as La Cie in 1987 in Portland, Oregon. In the U.S., La Cie was founded on the principles that product differentiation would create a profit. The founder’s objective was to create premier products and make the company stand out through industrial design and value-added software. In 1990 La Cie was acquired by a subsidiary of Quantum. Early in the company’s life, they had focused their businesses on IT storage solutions based on the SCSI interface. (SCSI was later adopted by Apple Computer as its main peripheral interface.) As a subsidiary of Quantum, La Cie was licensed as the exclusive manufacturer of Apple-branded external SCSI hard drives with Quantum HDDs inside.

In 1995, Electronique d2 purchased LaCie. ED2 was eventually phased out by 1998, and decided to adopt “LaCie” as the name for the brand worldwide. In 2014, Seagate purchased the company for $186 million. Now LaCie creates the enclosures and Seagate provides the hard drives inside. The companies are still in the process of merging. Since ED2’s original target consumer was the apple user (and many of the users worked in creative professions) they strive to offer “designer drives” to satisfy their customer’s artistic tastes.

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