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Hewlett Packard Data Recovery

If you’re looking to restore deleted files from HP Laptops or hard drives, you’ve landed on the right page. At Ram Infotech Data Recovery, we have expertise in the HP data recovery services. Our team can restore your lost documents, emails, videos, photos, and audio clips. We can work with all HP products including HP laptops, SSDs, memory cards, and flash drives. We are proficient in retrieving data from corrupted HP hard disks and external drives... For HP users, we provide risk-free solutions for data loss caused due to accidental deletion, virus attack, data corruption, or formatting. We also make sure to maintain 100% data confidentiality of all customers. Contact today for quick and efficient Hewlett-Packard (HP) data recovery.

HP Products we work with include but are not limited to:

  •    HP Simple Save Series
  •    HP Media Vault Series
  •    HP Personal Media Drive Series
  •    HP Pocket Media Drive Series
  •    HP Smart Storage Series
  •    HP 3PAR StoreServ Series
  •    HP StoreEasy Series
  •    HP EVA Series
  •    HP StoreOnce Series
  •    HP StoreAll Series
  •    HP StoreEver Series
  •    HP SureStore Series
  •    HP Flash Drives
  •    HP Pavilion Series
  •    HP ProDesk Series
  •    HP Envy Series
  •    HP ChromeBox Series
  •    HP Omen Series
  •    HP Stream Series
  •    HP ChromeBook Series
  •    HP EliteBook Series
  •    HP Internal Hard Drive
  •    HP SSD S700 Internal Solid State Drive
  •    HP P600 Portable USB 3.1 External SSD
  •    HP USB Flash Drive X796
  •    HP v150w Flash Drive
  •    HP v165w Flash Drive
  •    HP MX330 Class 10 U3 MicroSDXC Flash Memory Card
  •    HP MicroSD High Capacity (microSDHC)
Common Problems

The HDDs used in Hewlett-Packard products can fail just like any other company’s. The drives can suffer from logical or physical failures. Logical failures can be initiated by viruses, malware, partitions being deleted or reformatted, or accidental file deletion. If your hard drive is making any clicking, ticking or unusual noises, turn off the device immediately. Continuing to run it could possibly cause damage to the platters and further data loss. Occasionally the drives themselves will simply not show on the computer or will power on and remain silent. We recommend powering down the device and calling us immediately.

About Hewlett-Packard

HP was founded by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in Bill’s garage in 1939. To decide on whose name came first, a coin was tossed and Hewlett-Packard was born. Their first fruitful product was a precision audio oscillator, eight of which were purchased by one of their earliest customers: Walt Disney Productions.

For a short period of time, HP became partners with Sony and Yokogawa Electric. Unfortunately, the products were too costly to build, and HP purchased Yokogawa’s share in the ’90s. They also ventured into digital equipment, creating the company Dynac to handle the production, but by 1959 it had been absorbed back into HP. In 1966, they finally dove into the computer market with a series of minicomputers. They continued to produce the series for the next 20 years, and they were a precursor to the desktop and business computer of the company today. While they had not originally been much of a contender in the computer world, in sales they later surpassed IBM as the largest technology vendor. They had an opportunity earlier when the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, worked at the company. When he had first designed the Apple 1, he had offered it to them, but it was not taken up as they wanted to remain in industrial, scientific and business markets.

In 1984, their inkjet and laser printers made their debut and became very successful products. In the 1990s, they decided to expand their computer line for consumers. In 2002, HP merged with Compaq, and in 2004 they released the HP Pavilion. The goal from that point was to focus on personal computers and they quickly employed viral marketing strategies and celebrities to further the campaign. Throughout the 2000’s they acquired many companies such as Electronic Data Systems, 3Com, Palm, and Tandem Computers & Digital Equipment Corporations (via their merge with Compaq). In 2011, their first tablet was released: the HP TouchPad. Though due to internal workings of the company, stocks began to drop; taking a harsher turn when they announced they were discontinuing their webOS devices. In 2014, HP announced they would be separating into two companies; one for personal computers and another for their technology services.

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