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CFast Card Recovery

CF Card Data Recovery

At Ram Infotech Data Recovery, we provide a comprehensive and quick CFast card data recovery solution. We offer data recovery services to recover lost data from all brands of CFast(CompactFast) cards. If your CFast card is not being recognized by your camera, computer or card reader, we can help you to recover it ... For customers who accidentally deleted or formatted data, we have a separate page dedicated to that.

CFast card data loss reasons

CFast cards are popular flash digital memory cards. Users may experience CFast card data loss due to several reasons, such as:

  •    Failed controller
  •    Damaged PCB(printed circuit board)
  •    Accidental deleting
  •    Virus attack
  •    Files corruption
  •    Bent CFast memory card
  •    Unintentional formatting

You may also lose data if the card is removed abruptly while photos are taken or when the camera’s battery is low and not providing sufficient power to allow the card to write. Other causes of data loss include water submersion and improper insertion.

No matter how you lost your data, our CFast data recovery specialists use flash-read technology to recover your lost data directly from your CFast card’s internal memory. With years of experience in the data recovery business, we have developed a state-of-the-art data recovery center to offer fast and reliable data recovery services.

CFast cards brands:

  •    SanDisk
  •    Lexar
  •    EgoDisk
  •    Angelbird
  •    Delkin
  •    Silicon Power
  •    ProGrade
  •    Sony
  •    PixelFlash

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