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Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Our advanced data recovery company offers professional and secure hard drive recovery services. We receive about 20 hard drives daily and specialize in recovering data from every type of hard drive failure... We always perform hard drive data recovery securely onsite in our ISO 5 Class 100 certified cleanroom. Our engineers have over twenty years of experience in hard drive data recovery.

Data recovery solutions

When it comes to time-sensitive business-related data, we offer four different types of services, each with a different recovery speed. Our engineers are trained to work under pressure and around the clock.

No matter how complex the project is, we can recover the data when other data recovery companies can’t. We have the testimonial letters from our previous customers to back that up.

Physical hard drive recovery

The most common physical hard drive failures are damaged read/write heads, seized spindle motor, or electronic components failure. These problems can come from dropping hard drives, water damage, an incorrect power connection, etc. Remember that all hard drives will crash someday as they only have a limited life span. Even if none of the mentioned scenarios has happened to your hard drive, it may still be experiencing physical problems.

We offer free diagnostics and evaluation. We are here to help!

Logical hard drive recovery

Logical failures of hard drives can result from corrupted data, viruses, malware, errors in software or programs, lost or accidental formatting of partitions, or even malicious deletion of data on the hard drive.

Whatever the case may be, we have invested in state-of-the-art data recovery software and programmed our own to help securely get your data back, regardless of the problem. If your hard drive has a logical failure, we have the solution to get your data back.

Hard drive brands we specialize in

Logical or Physical hard drive data recovery can be carried out on devices from the following manufacturers:

  •    Western Digital
  •    Seagate
  •    Hitachi
  •    Samsung
  •    Toshiba
  •    Fujitsu
  •    IBM
  •    HP
  •    SimpleTech
  •    Drobo
  •    Synology
  •    Maxtor
  •    Quantum
  •    Iomega
  •    G-Tech
  •    LaCie
  •    Buffalo
  •    Adata
  •    Transcend
  •    Verbatim
  •    OWC
  •    Silicon Power

How to avoid complete data loss

If your hard drive has crashed, is inaccessible, or has otherwise made data irretrievable, please immediately stop using it and call us now. Continued use of a damaged hard drive can cause further damage, making the hard drive data recovery process much more difficult or even impossible.

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