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SD Card Data Recovery

SD Card Data Recovery

Do you want to get back your data from a corrupted or inaccessible SD card? Or maybe you accidentally deleted photos/videos? We are SD card data recovery services experts. We can retrieve your lost data from all SD card brands....We have the highest success rate in SD card data recovery. Our data recovery experts rely on the latest data recovery technology and use safe methods to produce guaranteed results. Our team is capable of recovering data from SD cards used in digital cameras, external video recorders, camcorders and etc.

Causes of damaged SD card

SD cards are usually tucked away discretely in the devices, which makes them less vulnerable to physical damage than USB flash drives. Also, unlike a hard disk drive, SD cards can survive a fall. But this doesn’t mean that SD cards are safe from data loss. These cards may suffer data loss due to several reasons. For instance, an SD card’s data can get inaccessible due to corrupted firmware. The other most common causes of data loss from SD cards are:

  •    Hardware failure
  •    Accidental deletion of data
  •    Physical damage
  •    Accidental formatting
  •    Structure corruption
  •    NAND memory wear

File types for SD card recovery

We have advanced equipment that works with all file types such as images, videos, and music.

Physical damages & logical failure

SD cards are robust and waterproof. However, improper handling can damage the card. Also, the card may get water-damaged if put in water for a long time. Some of the SD card error messages which indicate a physical failure include-

Logical Failure occurs due to issues like virus attacks, deleted, or formatted data. These types of failures occur if the file system is inaccessible. In case of logical failure, you may receive error messages like-

  •    SD card is not detected
  •    SD card is not initialized
  •    SD card has an unsupported file system
  •    Damaged SD card, try reformatting
  •    SD card Is blank
  •    SD card error “0 bytes”
  •    [Drive]:\ is not accessible
  •    CHKDSK is not available
  •    File is missing or unread files

SD cards brands:

  •    SanDisk
  •    Lexar
  •    Transcend
  •    Cannon
  •    FujiFilm
  •    Maxell
  •    Kingston
  •    Kodak
  •    Silicon Power
  •    Memorex
  •    Olympus
  •    Panasonic
  •    Samsung
  •    Sony
  •    Toshiba
  •    Verbatim
  •    PixelFlash

SD card data loss

As one of the most popular storage media, SD memory cards are used in a multitude of applications. These memory cards allow us to access data at high speed. However, the memory chips are vulnerable to issues like degradation, controller failure, and power surges. If you are facing a data loss situation, you will find hundreds of DIY tutorials on the internet and many data recovery software. But if you don’t have domain knowledge and skills, any DIY option may further damage the card and result in permanent data loss. So, the best option is to seek the assistance of a certified data recovery service provider.

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