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MicroSD Card Recovery

MicroSD Card Data Recovery

Whether you’ve lost your data due to physical damage or logical errors, Ram Infotech Data Recovery provides professional MicroSD card data recovery services. We have successfully retrieved lost files from hundreds of failed or damaged MicroSD cards.We are among the world-leading provider of data recovery services with a more than a 90% success rate in the industry. We know the best recovery methods to recover lost data from almost every type of memory card.

Causes & symptoms of damaged micro SD card

The other most common causes of data loss from MicroSD cards are:

  •    Hardware failure
  •    Accidental deletion of data
  •    Physical damage to the card
  •    Accidental Formatting
  •    Data Corruption
  •    Memory Wear

MicroSD cards brands we recover:

  •    SanDisk
  •    Lexar
  •    Transcend
  •    Canon
  •    FujiFilm
  •    Maxell
  •    Kingston
  •    Kodak
  •    Silicon Power
  •    Memorex
  •    Olympus
  •    Panasonic
  •    Samsung
  •    Sony
  •    Toshiba
  •    Verbatim
  •    PixelFlash

Recover data from a corrupted MicroSD

When it comes to your precious photos, the thought of losing them can be devastating. If you have a smartphone or digital SLR, possibly you’re using a MicroSD card to store images and other data. The data stores on MicroSD card may become inaccessible due to several reasons. And when it happens, you need an expert to restore your lost photos and other files.

Whether your MicroSD card has failed or become corrupted, we have the perfect solution for all your data recovery needs. When your MicroSD card gets damaged, your photos, contacts, text messages, and other files go missing. This can be an extremely stressful situation. When you seek the assistance of our experts however, there’s no need to stress about your lost or damaged data.

The tiny MicroSD cards hold a large amount of data and are commonly found inside your phone, digital camera, and other mobile devices. These cards are less vulnerable to physical damage than USB drives. However, similar to any other storage device, MicroSD cards may also get damaged. Losing data stored on MicroSD card can be frustrating- whether you’re an end-user with hundreds of family photos or a professional photographer whose livelihood depends on the photos. To help you get back your precious images, we use the most advanced techniques that you won’t find in any other data recovery company.

Micro SD card recovery things you need to know

When data stored on your MicroSD, MicroSDHC, or MicroSDXC card goes missing, contact our data recovery experts. We deal with damaged and formatted MicroSD Cards on a regular basis and know the best techniques to retrieve lost files. MicroSD cards data loss is a common issue as these cards are most widely used. MicroSD, MicroSDHC, and MicroSDXC cards are popular due to their small size. They are reusable, rewritable portable storage devices that make it easy to store and transport data. However, these cards are also vulnerable to data loss for a variety of reasons including circuitry damage, accidental formatting, or improper ejection.

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