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XQD Card Data Recovery

XQD Card Data Recovery

Your card is not showing up in the camera or computer? You receive an error message stating “card cannot be accessed” or “reinsert/ format card”? It means that your card is corrupted. .If you can’t access data on your XQD card, contact us! We are a professional data recovery company offering XQD card data recovery services.

XQD card data loss reasons

There are a number of other reasons which result in the loss of precious data from XQD cards, such as:

  •    Using the camera during low battery or frequent power surge
  •    Physical damage like a heavy drop or water drowning
  •    Abrupt removal of the XQD card from the camera or computer without a safe ejection
  •    Accidentally deleting files from an XQD card while working on either camera or computer.
  •    Performing complete formatting of XQD card
  •    Virus infection due to using the card across multiple digital devices

In 2019, the XQD memory card became quite popular among digital cameras and camcorder users. Due to the increased popularity and rising demand for XQD cards, the need for XQD card data recovery is also rapidly increased. No matter what type of memory card you’re using, you may experience data loss at some point. Although card manufacturing companies are improving their technology to produce more reliable cards, data loss still occasionally happens. Having a formatted or damaged XQD card is an extremely stressful situation because it will erase all your important photos, videos, and documents. If you’ve lost your data stored on the XQD card, it becomes crucial to seek the services of an XQD Data Recovery Company. But before that, make sure to prevent overwriting new data to your XQD card.

Things you need to know

XQD cards are known for their physical strength and have robust protection from corruption and failure. However similar to other portable digital storage devices, it cannot escape from common data loss issues. This card comes with features to protect the data but frequent usage exposes the card to different levels of damage and corruption. And when this happens, the camera user receives an error message.

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